Jonsson Workwear Depot is the leader in delivering unique workwear solutions to South African businesses and individuals. We are not distributors of product, nor are we in the commodity business - we are in the service business. We are driven to give every customer a brilliant experience by providing unique workwear solutions in a fast and friendly manner.

Our retail stores personify our vision and drive in providing our customers with a brilliant experience. Every detail is designed with the utmost care and attention. Our retail stores are stocked with the widest selection of products, our staff are passionate and energetic and each store offers on site customisation.

Visit one of our stores and come experience it for yourself, while taking some time out to relax and enjoy our delicious cappuccinos!


Jonsson Workwear Depot is the only workwear supplier committed to carrying the full range of Jonsson Workwear which is available in all our stores and from our distribution centre. For many years Jonsson Workwear has been the leader in innovation and by stocking the full range of Jonsson Workwear, we continue to offer our customers new workwear solutions.


Jonsson Workwear Depot believes customer service starts with the small things that are often overlooked, like a friendly greeting to everyone visiting our stores. We are committed to recruiting people that are passionate and energetic with a great attitude. Every staff member plays a very important role in giving our customers a brilliant workwear experience.

We have been joined by great people over the years that have extensive industry experience and product knowledge. However, keeping our staff trained and up to date on all latest products is one of our main priorities.

Our staff spend their working lives thinking and talking workwear, putting together unique solutions for our customers. This includes selecting the appropriate clothing, footwear and PPE for your specific industry or line of work. By selecting from our wide range of garments, our staff will choose the best colour combinations, apply embroidery and/or reflective tape, supplying you with a unique uniform solution.


This sounds impossible, but it's not. Every Jonsson Workwear Depot has its own embroidery and reflective tape application facility. By selecting a combination of colours from our extensive range of products and applying your own logo or message, you can easily create a unique uniform. You don't need to find someone to design or manufacture your uniform, you don't have any lead time and you don't have to hold excess stock. There is no minimum order quantity and you will have consistency in quality, fabric, colour and design.

Regardless of the size of your business, a customised uniform creates a very positive brand image as well as motivating your staff. By providing your staff with safe and customised workwear from Jonsson Workwear Depot, you show your staff and your customers that you care.

While we do stock a wide range of high visibility workwear and workwear with reflective tape, many people want to apply reflective tape to other garments too. People's safety is paramount, but why change your uniform or colours when you can simply add high visibility and reflective tape to any garment?


We know that most customers require immediate delivery and the only way to satisfy this demand is to hold a lot of stock! Despite our extensive range, our stores are designed to hold large stock volumes. The stores are backed up by a distribution centre that has its own customisation facility allowing larger customer orders to be delivered directly from there.

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